JACQUES COUSTEAU called the SEA of CORTEZ the “Aquarium of the World” with more than 700 known species of fish. For decades, La Paz has been a secret fishing spot. Despite being home to one of the most unique and spectacular fisheries in the world. 

With more than two dozen different available gamefish from marlin to tuna and giant rooster fish to dorado and wahoo, more world records have been set in these waters and the Sea of Cortez than anywhere else in the world.

THIS IS MEXICO FISHING AT IT’S BEST and it’s PERFECT for hardcore experienced anglers, but also an incomparable destination for novices, first-timers, families and kids. 

THERE’S NO NEED to run miles out in big seas.  Imagine hooking marlin and sailfish within 100 yards of the shore or battling giant rooster fish in 10 feet of water or schools of dorado (mahi-mahi) just casting distance from the beach!  This is mostly live and dead bait fishing so there’s no long boat rides or long days of trolling in rough waters.

YOU WILL NEVER be out of sight of land and the protected blue waters of La Paz Bay and the Sea of Cortez means calm enjoyable days for everyone! 

TAILHUNTER SPORTFISHING has been in La Paz since 1995 and enjoys the reputation of being #1 rated on Trip Advisor. Owned and operated by Jonathan and Jill Roldan, they will be your personal hosts and specialize in individual service and attention.  They will customize your trip and handle everything from fishing to hotels and transportation to other activities with their experienced friendly captains and staff.  

They actually live in La Paz and you’ll see them daily handling the boats, gear, hotels, transportation and fish packing and cleaning.  They also operate their top-rated TAILHUNTER RESTAURANT on the La Paz waterfront that has become a gathering place for fishermen to cook their catch, trade stories and watch sports.

JONATHAN’S EXPERTISE in the area is unsurpassed.  He has been the editor of numerous fishing publications.  He is an award-winning outdoor writer and has published more than 5000 articles on fishing and travel.  He and his captains know these waters.   He and his wife, Jill, have been featured on numerous TV shows, magazine and newspaper articles and Tailhunter Sportfishing is the International Gamefish Association (IGFA) center for La Paz.  

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