SPORT FISHING IN LA PAZ, Baja California Sur – Mexico with the Mosquito Fleet will reward you with some of the greatest sportfishing available in the Sea of Cortez.

Mosquito fleet has been providing world class sport fishing in La Paz since 1984, longer than any other local fishing fleet. We offer our clients the ultimate in service and quality; we also have the most knowledgeable captains and finest crew to make your trip the most enjoyable in Baja.

Our goal is to get you to the best fishing grounds as well as have the best fishing tackle available for the job so you can land the big ones!

Our Fleet: Open pangas to cabin cruisers

THE MOSQUITO FLEET proudly adds the new 26’ Super Panga w/ W.C. (Pictured above, left) to the Fleet, with 150 Horse Powered engines the new boat offers a super trip!

THESE NEW 26′ SUPER PANGAS add a whole new dimension to open panga fishing. Equipped with diesel power and a w.c, they deliver comfort and reliability without giving up the feel of open panga fishing. If you prefer the more classic approach to La Paz fishing, we offer 22‘ open pangas and for those seeking more luxurious fishing we also offer a 28’ cabin cruiser which offers air conditioning and w.c.  

WE HAVE FISHING PACKAGES with different specs so you can decide which best suits your needs! You may elect to have full control of your own captained boat and address whatever takes your fancy. Indulge in a choice of sport fishing in a Super Panga, snorkeling, free diving or just relax on a quiet beach. You decide how best to spend your holiday, and we make it happen.

WE ALSO OFFER SPEARFISHING in La Paz, one of the most challenging yet rewarding activities in the Sea of Cortez. With a yearly influx of a variety of pelages, La Paz offers world class spearfishing and boasts a number of IBSRC records. La Paz is truly one of the few spearfishing paradises, with all year around fair weather conditions and  productive hunting grounds, allowing spearfishermen of any level, beginner to expert, to truly experience the thrill of a lifetime!

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